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What are the precautions for the daily maintenance of the vibrating feeder

Time: 2023-02-10 16:20:59

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1. Frequently check the amplitude of the feeding tank of the vibrating feeder and the current of the motor, and pay attention to whether the sound of the vibrating feeder equipment is normal. If the sound suddenly becomes louder or there is a knocking sound, carefully analyze the cause and s* the machine immediately. Overhaul the motor every six months and replace the internal bearings.

2. The gap between the eccentric blocks of the vibrating motor of the vibrating feeder is kept balanced at any time. Check at any time whether the bolts are loose and whether the gap is normal. If the eccentric blocks at both ends run asynchronously or have inconsistent strength, it is easy to burn out the motor and affect the use of the entire equipment. Therefore, *s* processing immediately.
3. Frequently check whether the suspension device is loose. If the suspension device is loose, it will make the four corners of the vibrating feeder unbalanced and affect the quality of the feed, so it should be tightened immediately.
4. Check the vibration amplitude frequently during the service time of the vibrating feeder, and observe whether the surface temperature of the motor is normal.
5. Strengthen the lubrication work of the vibrating feeder, and fill the bearing with lubricating oil regularly during use. Refill every two months, every 30 days during high temperature season.

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