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How to solve the problem that the lubricating oil of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is easy t

Time: 2023-02-10 16:18:52

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The function of lubricating oil for multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is to lubricate and dissipate heat. Poor lubrication can easily lead to serious wear of the copper sleeve, copper scraps and copper skins on the oil return filter, and even burnt copper sleeves. The movement of the horizontal shaft, eccentric sleeve and moving cone of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher belongs to the friction part, which is designed with a copper sleeve (equivalent to a sliding bearing). Therefore, the function of lubrication is mainly to improve the friction state of the copper sleeve and reduce the frictional resistance. Slow down the wear of copper parts. The heat dissipation effect of the lubricating oil is to take away the heat generated by the crusher (mainly the heat generated by the friction pairs of the copper sleeves) through the lubricating oil.

The lubricating oil from the oil tank * passes through the radiator to cool down, and then enters the crusher. While lubricating, it absorbs the heat of the crusher and takes it out of the crusher. In order to protect the copper sleeve of the crusher from being burned, it is required that the temperature inside the crusher should not be too high, that is, the oil return temperature of the lubricating oil should not exceed 55°C. If it exceeds 55°C, wait for the temperature to drop before resuming feeding. If it exceeds 60°C, the crusher should be turned off, and the lubricating pump must not be turned off until the temperature drops below 45°C.
Dust protection and sealing are the key factors to keep the lubricating oil clean. On the one hand, dust prevention refers to the dust prevention of the process flow, that is, the crushing and screening system, and on the other hand, it refers to the dust prevention inside the crusher. If the dust prevention of the process system is not done well, the entire production environment will be full of dust, which is very unfavorable to the heat dissipation and dust prevention of the crusher.
The dust prevention of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is generally to use the blower to generate positive wind pressure to prevent dust. Proper air volume and reasonable dust-proof sealing gap can achieve good dust-proof effect. Its dust-proof seal usually adopts a labyrinth-like sealing method such as U-shaped and 1-shaped. If the lubricating oil is easy to get dirty during use, you can apply about 1/3 of the lubricating grease in the sealing groove, which can achieve a good sealing and dustproof effect through practice.

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