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Potential danger of cone crusher.so what can we do in crusher repairs ?

As a kind of widely used crushing equipments ,the maintenance and repairs of cone crusher is an issue which customers are more concerned about. Regular maintenance can discover problems in advance, nip in the bud, and help to prolong the service life of cone crushers. General maintenance is consist of minor repairs, repair and overhaul. The specific time interval and check the parts, as follows:

Minor repairs

The minor repairs is usually conducted 15-30 days, and the main contentsinclude:

1) inspect the wear of spherical bearing, taper sleeve, eccentric sleeve, base bushing, bottom end bearing, bevel gear, dustproof and sealing device, and adjust their coordination;

2) replace or adjust the spring of the frame;

3) fasten the bolts of each part;

4) cleaning, checking oil circuit and cooling and dustproof water system, eliminating oil leakage, adding or replacing lubricating oil, repairing oil pump;

5) inspect the wearing condition of the umbrella board and each part of the fender;

6) check the transmission bearings (bushings) clearance and momentum, if necessary, replace;

7) cleaning, refueling of motor and bearing.

General repairs

The general repair is usually conducted every 4~6 months, and the main contents include:

1) replace the lining board;

2) repair or replace eccentric shaft sleeve, taper sleeve and straight sleeve;

3) repair or replace the bowl and dustproof device;

4) repair or replace bevel gear, transmission shaft and bearing bush;

5) repair the adjusting ring and supporting sleeve thread;

6) all the inspection of the repair project and treatment;

7) decompose motor, blow dust, scale and check the gap of each part bearing; decompose oil switch, clean and deal with the defects; adjust and test the electric adjustment of each part; check and repair the switchboard and other cable.


Overhaul, general 3-4 years, or according to the specific situation of crusher production, the main contents include:

1) all disassembly inspection of cone crusher, adjust gear meshing clearance, check or replace the upper, middle and lower round plate;

2) change the movement and fix the lining board;

3) replace taper sleeve, base bushing, size bevel gear, transmission shaft, etc.;

4) scrape spherical bearings or replace and weld spherical bearing housings;

5) welding supply hopper, shield, body guard board, etc.;

6) replace part or all base spring and spring bolt;

7) replace the oil pump. High frequency small, users in the production according to the specific circumstances extended to 1-2 months. Timely maintenance will help clear the hidden problems in the equipment, and lay the foundation for efficient production.

Crushing Production Line

  • Crushing Production Line - Installation
  • Crushing Production Line - Operation
  • Crushing Production Line - Maintenance

Crushing Production Line - Installation

Preparation before foundation concrete placement

1. Set markings for placement thickness control, for example, horizontal standard piles or elevation piles. Printing horizontal standard lines on the wall of building or on the slope of groove or ditch, or nailing wood pegs of elevation there may also be used as alternative.

2. If groundwater level is higher than foundation ditch bottom, drain water or lower groundwater level so that no water appears in the foundation ditch.

3. Before concrete placement, relevant departments shall be organized to check for nonconformities of foundation ditch, including excessive deviations of axis and elevations, unacceptable geological conditions, and unnecessary holes, grooves or shafts. These nonconformities must be removed before concrete placement.

4. Check whether the slopes of foundation ditch and pipe duct are stable. Remove loose soil and accumulated water if any from the foundation ditch bottom.

Crushing Production Line - Operation

If the crushing production line is ready for operation, you should pay attention to five points below:

1. With the main motor turned on, watch the ampere meter on the control cabinet. After the peak value lasting 30 to 40 seconds, the current shall drop to normal operation value.

2. Current during normal operation may not be greater than the specified value for a long period.

3. With the crusher in normal operation, turn on the feeding machine. Adjust the belt of feeding machine to change feeding rate adaptive to material size and crusher operation. Generally material stack height in the crushing cavity shall exceed two-thirds of the crushing cavity height, and material diameter had better not exceed 50%-60% of the charge port width. In this case, the crusher can reach maximum output. Excessive material size can cause blockage affecting production.

4. Prevent strictly foreign metallic parts (for example, blade tooth, track plate, and drilling bit) from entering the crusher, which could cause damage to the crusher. If you find some foreign metallic parts in the crusher, immediately notify next station in the production line to take them out, to prevent them from further entering the second-stage crushing system resulting in accident.

5. In case of automatic tripping of electrical component, do not turn on the crushing equipment until the cause has been identified and removed.

Crushing Production Line - Maintenance

1. The newly-purchased equipment of sand-making line generally requires a long running-in period before being put into normal operation. In order to meet the production schedule or reap more profits, most users have not paid due attention to the warnings of running-in period. Some of them even think that anyway the warranty period has not expired and it is the manufacturer's responsibility to repair damaged equipment. They have the production line operating under overload for a long time. Consequence is frequent occurrence of breakdown. However this cannot only shorten the service life of equipment but also cause production interruption due to damaged equipment. In this end, importance shall be attached to the correct use and maintenance of sand-making line during running-in period.

2. Problems at different severity levels could occur due to long time operation of sand-making line. How to solve minor problems? Inexperienced persons could be in a muddle, failing to find a way out and just worsening the situation. The key is to find and remove the cause. For the sand-making line, synchronization or coordination between equipment is of great importance, especially for the feeding and conveying equipment. Out-of-synchronization between equipment probably causes local even broad blockage, with production line efficiency seriously reducing and equipment damaging.

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