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How to ensure the correct feeding of the cone crusher

Time: 2023-09-01 10:43:35

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Cone crusher is a popular type of crushing equipment in mine stone crushing equipment. It is widely used in building materials, mining and other industries to meet the different production requirements of users. The supply of equipment during production is more important. Correct supply The material can ensure that there will be no blockage when the equipment is running, and it can also improve production efficiency. So how should the feeding of the cone crusher be carried out correctly?
Cone crusher
Cone crusher

1. Install a feeder with an appropriate structure on the top of the cone crusher, and the feeding amount of the feeder must match the crushing efficiency of the equipment to ensure a uniform and balanced material supply to ensure that the production capacity of the equipment can be improved.

2. The materials that need to be crushed need to be sieved before being put into the material, and the fine materials, miscellaneous materials, and viscous materials mixed in the materials should be screened out to reduce the blockage of the discharge port and the excessive compression of the spring, and avoid hydraulic cone crusher. In the event of overload operation, which affects production efficiency, an iron removal device can also be installed to pick out foreign objects or iron pieces that cannot be broken in the material, so as to prevent them from entering the interior of the equipment and damaging components.

3. The feeding method must meet the requirements. The material should be evenly dispersed in the cone crusher. The speed and falling height of the material in the crushing chamber will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, a reasonable and high-yield production method should be formulated to improve production efficiency. , when the equipment is produced, it is required that the material is packed with the crushing cavity. In this case, the material supply can ensure that the production capacity of the equipment is improved, and the product particle size is uniform. Clean up residual material.

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