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Reasons for the abnormal sound of the cone crusher

Time: 2023-08-30 10:39:14

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The cone crusher will produce regular slight noises during the production process. With the prolongation of use time, this vibration will intensify. Under normal circumstances, there will be no abnormal noises. Once there are abnormal noises, it is likely to be caused by the cone crusher. The engine components are damaged, and it needs to be stopped immediately for inspection.
cone crusher
cone crusher

1. Engine stall failure analysis

When the engine burns tiles and valves fall off, and the flywheel of the engine locks up with the starter gear, it is easy to cause the engine to stop, resulting in accidents such as the unpowered tipping of the cone crusher. The engine will vibrate violently before the engine stalls. Therefore, when the engine stalls, the engine shutdown maintenance should be carried out immediately and the damaged parts should be replaced.

cone crusher
cone crusher

2. Engine overheating fault analysis

When the heat dissipation conditions and measures of the engine cannot guarantee the heat dissipation of the engine, the engine will overheat, which will cause the phenomenon of 'sticking cylinder' and affect the normal operation of the cone crusher. Therefore, the cooling conditions of the engine must be strictly controlled to reduce engine heating failures.

3. Abnormal sound failure of transmission system

When the transmission system design of the cone crusher engine is unreasonable or used under unreasonable working conditions, the transmission system will have abnormal sound failures. Abnormal sound faults are caused by excessive vibration of the drive train and collisions between mechanical parts, resulting in various abnormal sounds. If the mechanical transmission system has gear teeth, gear teeth fall off and other faults, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the cone crusher. Therefore, real-time monitoring of the transmission system is required.

4. Poor lubrication failure of transmission system

For the transmission parts of the cone crusher, lubrication measures are required to reduce the friction between the tooth surfaces and cool the heat between the tooth surfaces. Since the performance of lubricating oil cannot be judged in time, inferior lubricating oil can easily cause the failure of the gear tooth surface and affect the transmission.

5. There are cracks in the mechanical structure of the cone crusher

Cracks in mechanical structures are mainly caused by defects in design and manufacture, or fatigue failures during use. Cracks are the most dangerous hidden dangers in mechanical structures, which can easily lead to mechanical accidents. Therefore, during the use of the cone crusher, the structure of the cone crusher must be carefully inspected, especially the weak links of the structure.

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