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How to prevent the stone crusher from rusting?

Time: 2023-09-05 09:50:45

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The stone crusher is made of steel, and the steel will rust under the action of water and oxygen. If there is rust in production, it will have an adverse effect on its service life and working state. In order to reduce or prevent this effect, rusting can be prevented during production. So, how to prevent the stone crusher from rusting?
stone crusher

stone crusher

1. The stone crusher should be stored in a dry room or a sealed room to prevent rust caused by the combination of moisture and oxygen.

2. During the storage period of the stone crusher or during the seasonal shutdown, let the crusher run for 5 minutes at least once a month to ensure that the bearings are lubricated. If the crusher cannot be operated during storage, manually rotate the flywheel of the crusher to ensure that the bearings are lubricated.

3. When the parts of the stone crusher are removed from the body, they should be coated with preservatives, which can prevent them from rusting well.

4. The outer layer of the stone crusher should be coated with a layer of antiseptic or sealed, which can reduce the probability of rust and better ensure the service life of the machine.

5. Place electronics or apply preservatives under the parts in contact with the ground to prevent rust caused by contact with the ground.

6. When the stone crusher is used again after long-term storage, the crusher must be inspected as a whole to prevent rust or insufficient lubricating oil during long-term storage, thereby reducing the efficiency and life of the crusher.

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