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Analysis of cone crusher motor common faults

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The operation of cone crusher depends on the motor, if the motor fault of cone crusher in a state of paralysis, but because of the equipment work for a long time, the motor will inevitably encounter some problems, Jiaozuo Zhongxin will give you a summary of the common problems.
1, the motor can not start. Cone crusher motor can not start for a lot of reasons but the common is the power plug plug, or the power cord and plug off, broken, but can be one by one investigation. If the motor is energized but does not rotate, if an external force is applied, it means that one of the capacitors has failed and the new capacitor is replaced.
2, the motor will not turn. Cone crusher at the start of the motor will not turn, if the application of external rotation motor will turn but will issue a weak current sound, then you can think of capacitance leakage caused. If the current sound is too large, the motor can not start the capacitor is the reason for short circuit, then let the professional maintenance personnel to repair.
When it is repaired, if there is no professional repair equipment, you can * remove the capacitance of the two leads into the zero line and the line of fire to charge, and then remove the lead to discharge. If you can generate a spark, it can prove that the capacitor can continue to use, if the spark is weak that the capacitance decreased, the need to replace the new capacitor or add a small capacitor. But the capacitor has been damaged will be replaced, can not be used to deal with the above method.

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