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Adjustment technique of dynamic installation of cone crusher

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Cone crusher parts are installed correctly to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, including the installation of the cone crusher vertebral problems are more, how to install the correct vertebrae? Jiaozuo Zhongxin will introduce to you.
The movable cone is the * commonly used auxiliary equipment on the cone crusher. When installing, check the spindle hole in the spindle and clean the cone and the spherical surface of the spindle before assembling the cone into the cone crusher. When the cone is mounted, in order to avoid damage to the edge of the water seal and the spherical housing block of the oil ring, should be the main shaft along the big bevel gear on the balance of the side of the liner on the O point ribbon slowly into the cone Crusher.
Prior to this, should be measured cone liner on the mouth of the gap on the mouth of the O point of the other side, has been pushed to push the ball on the spherical bearing, and then lift the cone, remove the crushed lead wire, measure the thickness, You can know the cone crusher cone liner on the gap is how much. Sometimes not measured under the gap, the need to measure the same way, cone crusher upper and lower mouth gap is very important, too large will use the cone crusher is not normal, too small easy to heat, causing the axis of the accident. If this gap does not meet the requirements, you can in the spherical bearing and the ring ring surface to add and remove the gasket to adjust, use the movable cone to rise or fall a little, to change the gap of the cone bushing.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher and the movable cone can be stably supported on the spherical bearing, the contact between the moving cone and the spherical tile should be such that the contact surface of the whole spherical bearing is 2/3 in contact with the outer ring, Circle area does not touch, if the contact is not correct can be scraping research to find, otherwise the spindle and the cone when the shaft contact is not good, serious may cause the spindle to catch the accident. Recommended on-site maintenance when the ball should be inside the ball inside the ball to a layer of bowl-shaped belt, to avoid contact with the inner ring.

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