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How long you can use cone crusher?

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 The price of cone crusher is more expensive than traditional crusher, so when the user buy a cone crusher they have not only pay attention to the price and yield, but also concerned more about their life, the life of the cone crusher is a small part of the production process with the manufacturers about * of the normal operation and maintenance, the company summed up the following points for the user.


First, the natural factors - the quality of equipment
Cone crusher quality is the key factor in how long the device, if the production of low-quality equipment, steel or wear-resistant parts are used in defective defective, will not only result in equipment performance is affected, more importantly cone crusher machine did not take long "strike", the user can not only get higher returns, the equipment had to be reinvested.
Second, the human factor - method of operation, maintenance, replacement of various components
Human factors in the user point of view, it can be controlled. There are three issues worth noting:
1, methods of operation, if the operator does not press the point of order would make the device easy to damage.
2, equipment maintenance, good maintenance can extend the life of the cone crusher, but if not, then if maintenance will reduce the life of the equipment.
3, parts replacement, periodic ground check cone crusher will improve their life and enhance their ability to work A damaged parts if more serious and did not receive timely replacement, it will bring disaster to the other parts will excessive wear, especially wearing parts cone crusher, which will accelerate the end of the life of the device.

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