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The tips to use cone crusher maximize

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Maximize the use of cone crusher is a problem for every customer concern about, why the yield of cone crusher  I bought is getting low? This is a problem for many customer inquiries, through analysis, * of the lower yields are related to improper operation and normal.


Cone Crusher monitoring of indicators, such as the summer high ambient temperature, for monitoring the oil temperature, so you can ensure troubleshooting before a failure occurs, thereby avoiding the failure to expand, resulting in greater losses for the device. Timely discover and solve problems is very necessary.

Periodic replacement of wearing parts, although comparison cone crusher wear parts, but it is not worn, the timely replacement of worn parts, is one of the main equipment to reduce the failure rate.

Reasonable feeding is also very important, when purchasing equipment manufacturers will tell you that in the production of caveats must be strictly enforced, a customer will think constantly feed will increase production, it is not too much to material will increase the burden of running the equipment, increasing the failure rate of the device. At the same time does not give the material is too large, too much material could easily lead cone crusher blocking material, not only affects the life, but also affect the efficiency of the device.
When the materials, that is, for the transfer of the material to be processed quickly, too slowly will increase if the transfer of the equipment failure rate, while reducing production equipment.

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