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Sand making machine installation notes

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Sand making machine is the core equipment of sand production line, if not installed correctly or it is not in place, then will affect the entire production line which is not working, but also cause a bad influence on the device, in order to avoid this accident, we need to understand the system proper installation of sand making machine.

Before the installation of sand making machine, *ly conduct an inventory in accordance with the packing list, check the various parts for wear during transport and are complete. Sand leveling should be installed so that it will be perpendicular to the horizontal axis, above and on both sides of Sand should leave appropriate space to prepare for lifting and maintenance use. After installation is complete, you should conduct a comprehensive inspection, such as: lubricating oil pipe is connected securely.
Sand making machine installation should note the following: Due to sand making machine larger vibration during operation, the machine should be installed in the concrete foundation, in order to reduce vibration, noise and the impact on the surrounding built structures based in and sand making machine between the concrete foundation pad to pad hardwood, rubber bands or other cushioning material. The foundation laying of discharge trough a metal plate, and has sufficient inclination angle (depending on the flow of materials should be determined, not less than 50 °), so as not to impede the smooth discharge of the crushed product. Nesting population size should be required particle size to be adjusted.
When it is adjusting, should loose the bolts and T line tension springs. Use a bolt from the * to open the * seat adjustment, insertion or removing the appropriate thickness shim, then return from the * bolt, adjust the seat under the action of gravity moving jaw, ear close to the seat frame, while the gasket pressure group rope together. Thereafter, when the spring preload adjustment to ensure that the machines work so that the thrust plate and thrust plate against the pad.

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