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Sand maker precautions in rainy days

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Many rainfall this summer, the country has more or less harm suffered heavy rain, many industries and regions to cause harm, sand making equipment steel material, usually in the manufacturing process will use the paint in the outer forming a protective, can protect against the rain, but it will not protect from abuse, prolonged rain can cause rusting equipment, lower production, how it should rain protective equipment?
1. Note that the power cord Sand, Sand junction box waterproof treatment, the water is readily electrically conductive, so the rain is pouring it should be noted that the proper safety precautions, otherwise a short circuit may occur and so on.
2. Sand often painted to oil, because the frequent rain, some of the bearings and other places were rust lubricant helps to increase the speed to play a preventive role in protection.
3. Sand internal wear daily maintenance is essential, must make periodic Sand adequate downtime, and to regularly observe Sand, if the wear should be timely replacement or repair . Also note that in the normal course of their work Sand is never open to observe in order to avoid the risk of accidents.
4. Sand to 400 hours of work time should be added the right amount of grease, work 2000 hours time we will open the main bearings for cleaning, if the work to 7200 hours must be replaced when a new bearing.

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