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What to do if the tooth plate of the jaw crusher is worn

Time: 2024-06-13 10:11:19

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When the tooth plate of the jaw crusher is worn, the following measures can be taken:

1. Repair the wear in time:

For the worn tooth plate, it can be repaired by surfacing to extend its service life. When repairing, arc welding or automatic submerged arc surfacing can be selected.

During the repair process, it should be ensured that the surfacing tooth shape can be restored to restore the normal function of the tooth plate.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher

2. Choose suitable repair materials:

Select repair materials that match the original material of the tooth plate to ensure that the repaired tooth plate has sufficient hardness and toughness.

If the tooth plate is made of high manganese steel, similar materials should also be selected during repair.

3. Pay attention to tightening the jaw plate:

After installing or repairing the tooth plate, pay attention to tightening the jaw plate and ensure that it is in smooth contact with the surface of the machine body (dynamic and static jaws).

A layer of lead plate, plywood, cement mortar and other materials with good plasticity can be placed between the two surfaces to ensure the flatness and stability of the contact surface.

4. Adjust equipment parameters:

According to the properties of the material, adjust the main parameters of the crusher, such as the jaw angle, eccentric shaft speed, output and motor power, so as to adapt to the material entering the crusher and reduce the wear of the tooth plate.

5. Control the nature of the feed:

Ensure that the material entering the jaw crusher meets the specified particle size range to avoid excessive wear of the tooth plate by materials that are too large or too small.

At the same time, prevent iron blocks or other impurities from entering the machine to avoid serious wear of the tooth plate.

6. Select high wear-resistant materials:

When replacing the tooth plate, choose materials with high hardness and good toughness to manufacture the tooth plate to reduce the wear of the tooth plate caused by chiseling and impact. Commonly used high wear-resistant materials include high manganese steel containing 12% to 14% manganese.

7. Improve the equipment structure:

Change the thrust plate to an upward inclined type so that the tooth plate has a downward component in the direction of movement of the crushing stroke, which is conducive to crushing the material and promoting the downward movement of the material. This can reduce the relative sliding between the material and the tooth plate, thereby reducing the wear of the tooth plate.

8. Prohibit long-term overload operation of the equipment:

Long-term overload operation of the equipment will cause cracks at the root of the tooth plate, resulting in failure of the tooth plate. Therefore, during the operation of the equipment, attention should be paid to the combination of work and rest to avoid long-term overload operation.

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