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What is the reason for the jaw crusher lining to fall off?

Time: 2024-06-11 13:33:41

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The jaw crusher is a machine widely used in the mining and building materials industries. Why does the jaw crusher lining fall off during the production process?
jaw crusher
jaw crusher

1. Analysis of the reasons for the jaw crusher lining falling off

1. The lining material is not suitable

Some linings produced with low-quality materials are prone to breakage and wear during use, resulting in falling off. Therefore, when purchasing a jaw crusher, it is necessary to choose high-quality, sturdy and durable linings to ensure its stability and safety.

2. The lining is not installed in place

If the lining is not properly installed in place or is not properly locked on the machine, vibration and deformation will occur during the operation of the machine, resulting in the lining falling off.

3. Wear of running parts and lining

After a long time of use or excessive pressure during the production process, wear will occur between the running parts of the machine and the lining, resulting in the lining falling off.

2. Solutions to the lining falling off of the jaw crusher

1. Choose a good lining

When purchasing or replacing the lining, choose a lining with good quality and stable quality to ensure the quality and safety of the lining.

2. Correct installation of the lining

Correct installation of the lining is one of the important factors to ensure the use of the jaw crusher. When installing the lining, it needs to be firmly fixed to avoid loosening during use.

3. Regular maintenance and replacement of operating parts

In order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the operating parts and linings, the jaw crusher needs to be regularly maintained and the worn parts replaced in time. This not only ensures the safety and stability of the machine, but also extends the service life of the machine.

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