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What are the factors that affect the production capacity of cone crushers?

Time: 2024-06-17 11:18:38

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Cone crushers are an important equipment in the crushing production line, but if they are not operated properly, it will greatly affect productivity. So what are the factors that affect the production capacity of crushers?

1. Hardness of materials: The harder the material, the more difficult it is to crush, and the more serious the wear on the equipment, the slower the crushing speed, and of course the smaller the crushing capacity. Therefore, the hardness of the material can directly affect the production capacity of the crusher. When choosing the specifications of the cone crusher and the hardness of the material, you must be cautious. The specifications of the crusher and the material must match.

Cone crushers
Cone crushers

2. Humidity of the material: When the material contains a lot of moisture, the material is easy to adhere to the cone crusher, and it is also easy to get blocked during the material feeding process, resulting in a reduction in crushing capacity.

3. Fineness of the output: If the fineness of the material to be crushed is very high, then relatively speaking, the greater the force the crusher needs to use when crushing the material, the smaller the crushing capacity of the crusher, and the production capacity of the cone crusher will also decrease. Therefore, it is only necessary to set the material particle size to medium fine.

4. Material composition: The higher the fine powder content in the material, the more it affects the crushing efficiency of the cone crusher. Because when there is a lot of fine powder, it will stick together or stick to the crushing wall when entering the crusher, affecting the normal crushing work. Therefore, for materials with high fine powder content, they must be screened once before entering the crusher to try to filter out the fine powder from the material to ensure that the normal operation of the cone crusher will not be affected.

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