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Basic operating procedures of sand making machine

Time: 2024-02-18 09:50:30

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Sand making machine is a kind of crushing and sand making equipment widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy, chemical industry and other industries. It can crush and shape various ores, rocks and other materials to produce sand and gravel materials of various particle sizes that meet the requirements.
Sand making machine
Sand making machine

The gravel sand making machine is mainly composed of a feed port, a crushing chamber, a screening chamber, a transmission system, a lubrication system, etc. Its working principle is to use a high-speed rotating hammer head or impact plate to impact and crush the materials, and then screen them through the screening chamber to obtain sand of different particle sizes.

Preparation before operation:

1. Check the equipment: Before operating the equipment, the operator should check the equipment to ensure that the equipment is intact and that the transmission components are flexible and reliable.

2. Safety measures: Operators should be familiar with the safety measures of the equipment, including emergency stop switches, safety protection nets, etc., and ensure that these measures are used efficiently during operation.

Operating procedures:

1. Turn on the power: first turn on the main power switch, and then turn on each electrical switch one by one according to the instructions on the equipment operation panel.

2. Feeding: Put the raw stones evenly into the feeder, and maintain a stable feeding speed to avoid excess or deficiency.

3. Start the crusher: Start the crusher and related equipment in sequence according to the startup sequence on the equipment operation panel. Start the crusher first, and then gradually start the transmission equipment to ensure that the equipment is in normal order.

4. Monitor the working status of the equipment: During the normal operation of the equipment, operators should always pay attention to the operating status of the equipment, including rotation speed, temperature, etc. If any abnormality is discovered, corresponding measures should be taken promptly.

5. Check the quality of finished sand and gravel: regularly take samples of produced sand and gravel and conduct quality inspections on them to ensure that the products meet the requirements.

6. Terminate operation: When the production task is completed or shutdown is required, turn off the electrical switches of the equipment in sequence, including crushers, conveyors and other equipment.

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