The difference between standard,short head and medium cone crusher

 Cone crusher has a high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores, rocks. Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineer pointed, cone crusher has a plurality of types crushing chamber, short head, medium and standard, but many customers are not very clear, Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineer will tell you.
Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineer noted that the short head type, medium, standard type cone crusher, the working principle and the basic structure is the same, it is meaning the different crushing chamber shape. The difference is in breaking parallel, the short head type of parallel is long, medium-sized second, followed by the minimum standard. Material parallel with relatively long short head type crusher, crushing production is relatively small, generally this type of crusher used after coarse crushing; and standard cone crusher, the crushing product size is big, but the capacity is high.
Zhongxin Heavy Industries cone crusher is mainly include PY series cone crusher, PSG series cone crusher, XHP series cone crusher, XHP series cone crusher is based on American companies  advanced technology, independent design and the latest cone crusher equipment, which uses the bottom of the multi-cylinder design, production efficiency has been greatly improved, as much as 200%, and therefore more favored by customers.




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