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Improve the capacity of cone crusher

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 The capacity of cone crusher is higher than conventional crusher, but because in the course will encounter many problems, thus causing a cut cone crusher, then how do we need to increase its output? Divided into the following main points.
Firstly, feeding strict,the cone crusher has a wide range of processing, but it is not suitable for each material,the meterial beyond the range of processing is not processed, it will not only make the capcvity low, but also affect the life of the cone crusher seriously; feed size is to be noted, it can not exceed your maximum feed use model size, or it will reduce the life of the equipment; and control the humidity of materials, excessive humidity in the course of processing will cause sticky material, reduce equipment production, so the humidity is relatively large, then need to go through a drying process to enter the equipment for processing.
Secondly, the crushing chamber , mainly cone crusher crushing process is carried out in the crushing cavity, so the of the crushing chamber affect the level of production seriously, if the crushing chamber is improved, so that the laminated structure is more conducive to the material crushing, it will ly improve the capacity of the device.
Thirdly, increasing the ability of the crusher crushing capacity, cone crusher mainly rely on the spring pressure, insufficient pressure affect the crushing capacity, so if the cuts in their daily work, then you can check if your spring pressure inadequate or not,on the other hand is to improve oil pressure in the hydraulic station to increase crushing capacity.

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