How to improve the capacity of cone crushers?

Cone crusher is the main equipment in crushing engineering, different types of cone crusher has different capacity, and how to increase production capacity of cone crusher, is also every customers and manufacturers most concerned about.
Zhongxin Heavy Industries in order to meet market demandment, continue to learn the world's advanced technology to improve the crusher cone crusher production capacity, the successful production of a new generation of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher --XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, in order to increase production capacity cone crusher better, pay attention to the following factors when using to increase production capacity and performance crusher:
1, the right choice for the crushing chamber for broken material;
2, feed particle size ratio appropriate;
3, in the range of 360 ° crushing chamber feed distribution;
4, automatic control devices;
5, the crusher discharge to smooth;
6, conveyor and crusher specifications maximum output capacity to adapt;
7, select the appropriate pre-screening and closed screening sieve specifications;
8, crusher discharge area unobstructed.
Zhongxin Heavy XHP series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with high efficiency, stability is widely favored to win the market, to be applied to a variety of ores, crushing, sand pebbles and other technology in hard rock, becoming ore crushing preferred products.




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