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How to extend the service life of cone crusher

Time: 2024-02-21 10:04:49

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1. Select appropriate materials for crushing. Select suitable materials for crushing based on the performance of the crusher to avoid wear of the crusher accessories if the material is too soft or too hard.

2. Check the wear of the bevel gear. To ensure the normal meshing of bevel gears, the normal meshing of a pair of bevel gears must be that the axis lines of the two gears intersect perpendicularly and the pitch circles coincide.

3. Ensure that the transmission is rigidly connected. The transmission structure of the cone crusher is an asynchronous motor rigidly connected to the transmission shaft through an elastic coupling. When the cone crusher is mixed with metal objects or is overloaded, the bevel gear may easily break.

4. Start the crusher. The oil pump and cooling system should be started first, and then the crusher motor should be started after the oil line is clear. The crusher starts without load. For newly installed crushers, the idling time should be longer, and the crusher can be idling for two to three working shifts before feeding.

Cone crusher

cone crusher

5. Crusher operation. The feeding of the crusher must be continuous and uniform to prevent overloading, and the feeding amount should be consistent across the entire width of the feeding opening. This can make the wear of the crusher even and relatively extend the life of easily worn parts.

6. Inspection and care of the crusher during operation. It is necessary to check whether the particle size of the crushed products meets the requirements. If too many particles exceeding the specified particle size are found, the reasons should be found, such as the screen bar gap is too large, the discharge opening is too wide, the hammer, jaw plate or toothed roller is excessively worn or the insurance is damaged. Loose devices, etc., and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

7. Operations before the crusher is shut down. Feeding should be stopped first, and the materials in the machine should be drained out, and then the main motor and lubrication motor should be turned off in sequence. If the belt material is stopped, it is easy to cause damage to the machine parts.

8. Inspection and maintenance of cone crusher. The cone crusher must be inspected every time before use. If the vibration of the machine suddenly increases, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause and deal with it. Always pay attention to the temperature of each component in the cone crusher. For example, the temperature rise of the bearings should not exceed 35 degrees, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. For tooth roller crushers, the wood caught between the teeth should also be removed.

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