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How to solve the problem of excessive noise when the cone crusher is working

Time: 2023-10-30 15:47:28

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The main job of the cone crusher is to break large rocks. During the crushing process, high-speed operation and violent collisions inevitably cause the crusher to produce noise. This will not only affect the health of workers, but also cause certain harm to the equipment. In addition to the noise caused by improper installation of the crusher, what other reasons are there?
cone crusher
cone crusher

1. Source of noise

When the cone crusher is running, it will generally generate inertial force, which will cause the impact and vibration of the crusher, thereby causing noise.

The gaps between the various parts of the cone crusher. For example, the matching gap between the main shaft and the cone bushing is not appropriate. If the gap is too large, it will cause the operation to lose stability, causing the cone crusher body to vibrate and make noise. There is also the matching gap between the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing. , if the gap is too large, the impact load will be increased, resulting in greater noise.

The processing precision of cone crusher parts is not high or unqualified, which will also affect the operation of the equipment, and the parts will continue to rub during use, causing noise.

If the cone crusher fails, noise will occur if non-crushed objects enter the crushing cavity, noise will occur if the belt deviates, and if the host is unbalanced, noise will also occur during high-speed operation.

2. Solution

Ensure the correct meshing of the large and small bevel gears of each component of the cone crusher, eliminate reciprocating sliding and impact between gears, extend the service life of the gears, and fundamentally eliminate the source of noise.

Ensure that the matching clearance value between the cone crusher main shaft, eccentric bushing and frame bushing is within a reasonable range, and the clearance cannot be too large or too small.

Increase the accuracy of the bevel gears of the cone crusher, pay attention to whether the quality is qualified, ensure the contact area of the gears is uniform, extend the service life of the gears, and avoid noise.

Install shock-absorbing equipment at the base of the crusher, or make a shock-absorbing floor or foundation. Try to choose a stable place during installation.

Pay more attention to the maintenance of the cone crusher, regularly check the use of parts, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner.

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