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What are the wearing parts of the jaw crusher?

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 Jaw crusher is an important basic crushing equipment. It often deals with hard stone materials. During the operation process, the materials wear on the equipment is quite powerful. Jiaozuo Zhongxin leads everyone to understand what are the wearing parts in the jaw crusher operation?
The structure of jaw crusher mainly consists of frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard, bracket, bracket rear seat, gap screw, return spring, fixed jaw and movable jaw. The brackets also serve as insurance. The jaw crusher wearing parts include fixed jaws, movable jaws, springs, brackets, crushing plates, guard plates, etc. Among them, the jaw plates, the toggle plates and the crushing plates are the * seriously damaged parts of the jaw crusher. 

The jaw plate is the * expensive component in the jaw crusher. The quality of the crusher is actually based on the service life of the jaw plate. The jaw plate includes the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. The fixed jaw and the movable jaw are composed of a trampoline and a seesaw. The jaw is the working part and is fixed on the trampoline with bolts and wedge iron. The boring machine is the front wall of the frame. The boring machine is suspended on the circumference and has sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force. Therefore, it is *ly cast steel or cast iron.
The bracket is also an important part of the jaw crusher. Generally, the casting material of the bracket is manganese steel, and the toughness and wear resistance are better. When the material is completely filled with the crushing chamber of the jaw crusher, the equipment can not operate normally. In order to avoid er damage to the equipment, the brackets will break under strong pressure, thus protecting the damage of other internal crusher parts. . When crushing materials, the friction between the ore and the friction between the fittings is very serious. When the brackets are worn to a certain extent, they should be replaced in time.
In addition, when the jaw crusher breaks the harder material, the vibration of the fuselage will be larger, which will easily lead to the loosening of the bolt. This situation will also cause the bracket to wear seriously, so when the bracket is severely worn or broken, To be replaced.
The moving jaws and the fixed jaws are subjected to huge crushing forces and frictional effects of materials, which are easy to wear. In order to protect the jaws, wear-resistant linings are generally installed on the surfaces of the moving jaws and the fixed jaws. . When working, the speed of wear on the lower part of the crushing plate is different, and the lower part wears faster than the upper part. The service life of the crushing plate is directly related to the working efficiency and production cost of the jaw crusher. Therefore, it is important to extend the service life of the crushing plate.

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