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Method for maintaining hydraulic system of cone crusher

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 The cone crusher is widely used in mine production. Its main advantages are high output, low cost of use, compact structure, simple operation, low maintenance, wide application range and high utilization rate. Among them, the hydraulic cone crusher is improved on the basis of the traditional cone crusher, with large crushing capacity and high production efficiency. The key is the hydraulic system. How is the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher maintained?

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How do we properly maintain the hydraulic system of the cone crusher?

1. Ensure the inside of the cone crusher is clean. The ore processing produces more dust. Therefore, pay attention to dust removal during use and prevent water from entering the hydraulic oil.

2, to ensure the cleaning of the hydraulic system, it is recommended to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning, otherwise, may cause damage to the cone crusher.

3, replace the hydraulic oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of filters when adding hydraulic oil, but also to ensure that the filter is clean. When refueling, it is necessary to follow the range of the specified oil level.

4, pay attention to the replacement time of hydraulic oil, the suggestion is that the cone crusher just s*ped shortly, when the hydraulic oil is still hot, it is good to remove the oil and sediment, and then inject new hydraulic oil.

From the above maintenance matters, we have seen that the replacement of hydraulic oil plays a very important role in the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the cone crusher. So, how do you know if the hydraulic oil should be replaced? Mainly look at the "three major elements":

1. Degree of oxidation. Usually the new hydraulic oil will be relatively light in color, without obvious odor, but with the prolonged use time, long-term high temperature oxidation can deepen the color of the hydraulic oil. If the color of the hydraulic oil of the cone crusher is dark brown With the smell, the hydraulic oil has been oxidized and new oil needs to be replaced.

2. Water content. The water content of the cone-break hydraulic oil will affect its lubricating . When a large amount of water enters the hydraulic oil, because the water and oil do not blend together, a turbid mixture will form during mixing. At this time, we need to change the hydraulic oil to avoid affecting the of the cone breaking.

3. Impurity content. When the cone is broken during the working process, due to continuous collision and grinding between the parts, it is easy to generate debris, which will inevitably enter the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil contains a large amount of impurities, not only the quality will be degraded, but also the broken parts of the cone may be damaged. Therefore, after using the hydraulic oil for a period of time, be sure to pay attention to the content of impurities in the hydraulic oil.

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