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What factors affect the efficiency of the stone crusher

Time: 2023-04-23 10:46:13

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There are many types of crushers, and the equipment crushed by different crushers is quite different. The equipment that specializes in crushing stones is also called a stone crusher. Sometimes there will be various problems in the crushing process of the stone crusher. The old and new of the stone crusher are related, sometimes it is not necessarily related to the equipment but also related to the stone.

The hardness of the crushed stone. The stone crushed by the stone crusher is generally a material with relatively high hardness. If the stone is harder, it will be more difficult to crush, and it will also cause wear to the vulnerable parts of the equipment. If the wear is serious The slower the crushing speed, the smaller the crushing capacity.

stone crusher
stone crusher

In addition to the hardness of the stone, it is also related to the humidity. Although the harder the stone is, the harder it is to break, but if the moisture of the stone is too high, it is easy to stick to the crusher cavity during the crushing process, and at the same time affect the crushing effect. And there will be clogging during the discharge process.

When the stone crusher is in operation, it will be produced according to the needs of customers. Some customers need a larger particle size, so it will be easier to crush, and some require finer stones, so it takes a long time for the stone crusher. time to complete the work.

When the stone crusher crushes materials, the more fine powder the stone contains, the more it will affect the crushing, and the fine powder is easier to adhere to the crushing cavity, so when crushing, it is necessary to carry out a Sift to avoid high levels of fines.

There is also a question about the equipment itself. The stone crusher is composed of parts, such as hammer heads, jaw plates, bearings and other parts. The better the effect of these parts, the greater the crushing capacity. If the parts are not strong enough, Then it will affect the crushing capacity during operation.

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