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The basic structure of cone crusher

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Cone crusher manufacturing process is complex, but also in the manufacturing process requirements are more stringent, so the price of the cone crusher is higher than the ordinary crusher, followed by Zhongxin industry to understand the composition of cone crusher.
1, rack. Crusher frame, also known as the base, is the whole cone crusher equipment support components, by the frame and the lower frame body composition, frame shell together with the middle of the middle of the center cast with cast steel into the whole parts.
2, the spindle. The spindle and the frame of the lower frame center wheel with a small cone with a small fit with the assembly, the spindle has axial and radial lubrication oil hole.
3, eccentric sets The eccentric sleeve is internally fitted with a high lead bronze bushing; the lower part is bolted with a large bevel gear and thrust bearing. In addition, the eccentric sleeve is also equipped with bolts fixed counterweight components, the internal irrigation lead and the installation of wear-resistant protective liner.
4, movable inner cone and liner. Cone Crusher The upper part of the motor cone is bolted and fixed with a feeder plate assembly. The lower part is fitted with a spherical bearing. The movable cone is externally fitted with a high-manganese steel, and the lower surface of the movable inner cone is supported on the spherical tile for support.
5, fixed outer cone and liner. The upper part of the cone is installed to the hopper, in order to prevent the cone wear in the inner surface is equipped with a circular umbrella-like manganese steel liner, the external cone is the adjustment ring with the trapezoidal thread.
6, the insurance device. When there are iron and other hard to break into the cone crusher crushing chamber, the fixed outer cone by the larger upward pressure, the spring is compressed, the support ring and fixed outer cone lift, drainage mouth increases, After the discharge of the spring to return to normal state crushed ore and began to work properly.

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