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The working characteristics of jaw crusher

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With the country to develop infrastructure, such as construction, high-speed rail, the prospect of gravel material has become better and better, gravel material production line essential jaw crusher has become the focus of attention, jaw crusher has a long history, and as we all know, in order to ensure production efficiency we should understand the working characteristics of jaw crusher.
In the process of huge stones broken into small stones, jaw crusher characteristics are very obvious. The feed from the * entrance into the crushing chamber contains the teeth. Equipment on the jaw teeth in the course of the movement of large pieces of stone grinding broken, to support the e-axis movement of the eccentric shaft is the whole laboratory jaw crusher core support. Jaw Crusher Features Flywheel and bearings are important components that support the bearing spherical roller, so it is very susceptible to abrasive and high temperature damage during work. Therefore, the use of flywheels and bearings is used in the use of very important. Although this work is extremely harsh environment, the jaw crusher still needs to work very reliably, which is the key to ensuring productivity.
With the development of the economy after the reform and opening up, jaw crusher characteristics are different industries and fields to fully utilize them, jaw crusher characteristics led to the development of China's construction industry, jaw crusher is characterized by song squeeze , The motor drive belt and pulley, the movable jaws moving up and down are raised by the eccentric shaft jaw, the angle between the brackets and the moving jaws becomes larger, thereby facilitating the movement of the movable jaws near the fixed jaws, Time the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken, when the movable jaw down, the brackets and moving jaws smaller, movable jaw plate between the angle of the wheel to leave the spring fixed jaw plate, crushed material from broken Cavity discharge, with the continuous rotation of the motor crusher jaw cycle crushing and discharge, to achieve mass production.

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