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Jaw Crusher in Gravel Production Line

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Mentioned to jaw crusher, may not engage in many mining people know that jaw crusher is a veteran crusher, * of the ore production line are inseparable from it, it can be called a universal crusher, but also the entire production line * equipment.

Jaw crusher production environment is generally harsh, coupled with the * procedure as broken materials, so the responsibility of jaw crusher is also very important. Jaw crusher has been able to survive for a long time without being eliminated mainly because of its strong performance advantages, its crushing cavity deep and no dead zone, to a large extent improve the feed capacity and yield problems, compared to Now the new crusher equipment has not lost in its crushing ratio, the finished product size is more uniform, the discharge port adjustment range, to meet the requirements of different users; low noise, less dust; lubrication system safe and reliable, parts replacement convenient, maintenance workload, at the same time, jaw crusher hydraulic device used, that is safe and wear-resistant.

Jiaozuo Zhongxin integrated traditional jaw crusher advantages and disadvantages, developed a new European version of jaw crusher, the crushing chamber with "V" type design, large angle brackets, a greater increase in the feed size , The higher output; European version of jaw crusher equipped with a special discharge port adjustment device, than the old gasket adjustment is more simple, safe and fast. Jaw crusher carrying the entire production line of production efficiency, so choose a suitable jaw broken is very important, you are welcome to inquire us.

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