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Jaw crusher parts inspection

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Jaw crusher can not be separated from the daily operation of the various parts and components maintenance, some wearing parts need for regular replacement, and some parts need lubrication, these need to pay attention to, we understand how to check the jaw crusher parts.
Firstly, the strength of the rack is very easy to examine, because the rack we * see, the main role of the frame is to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction of broken material, the main inspection items are strength and stiffness, especially See whether the welding and the module is strong, whether to accept evenly.
Secondly, the lubrication system and the adjustment device: lubrication system is directly related to the jaw crusher working efficiency level, but also reduce the wear and tear of the important parts of the system, should carefully check whether the lubrication system can work properly. Check whether the adjustment device is appropriate, whether it is easy to adjust, adjust the size of the mouth is appropriate.
Thirdly, the side guards and the jaw: check the side panels and the E plate is the use of impact resistance and high stability of the moving E body composition, in addition, side guards manufacturing complex, it is prone to omission, before the purchase also Should check the side guards are intact.
Fourthly, the transmission parts and eccentric shaft: the two components to check whether the high-carbon steel manufacturing, whether it is two aspects of Pasteur alloy casting.

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