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What need to do before jaw crusher begin to work?

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Jaw crusher is common crusher, but also stable crusher, *ly for the rough broken stage, used to break large pieces of stone into small pieces, and then transported to the two broken equipment, large equipment, high efficiency at the same time the risk is relatively high, we understand the jaw crusher before the need to do what work.
1, check the machine parts, accessories are intact, if any wear and tear, need to be promptly handled.
2, check the equipment to connect bolts, screws are solid, if loose phenomenon, timely reinforcement.
3, check the machine lubrication point is normal, whether there is oil leakage phenomenon.
4, check the equipment, whether the instrument can work properly.
5, check the discharge port is adjusted to the size of broken materials required.
6, check whether the equipment within the ore or other debris, if any time to clean up.
7, check the machine chain device, light signal and protective device can work properly.

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