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What's wrong with cone crusher Gear damagement?

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The gear is mainly responsible for the transmission unit of the cone crusher, usually it will not be damaged, if your cone crusher gear is damaged, you have to look for reasons from the operation to see if the operation is caused by errors, below we will list the wrong way to cause damage to the gears.
1, overload operation. If the cone crusher is under overload operation for a long time, broken material produced by the larger momentum, if there is no appropriate protection method, it will cause the tooth wear or even fracture, or crusher long-term overload operation, will lead to tooth root local Produce cracks and so on.
2, there are impurities in the device. When the crusher crusher cavity can not be broken objects, such as iron and other impurities, although the spring safety device has a certain protective effect, but often frequent iron or large bite, often lead to spring failure, Resulting in other parts of the body damage, especially the gear damage is more serious.
3, improper equipment transmission. Cone crusher transmission form is rigid connection, asynchronous motor through the elastic coupling and gear shaft rigid connection, when the conical broken over iron or overload operation, it is easy to cause the size of the gear damage.
4, gear engagement improper. Gear meshing is also caused by conical breakage of the size of an important reason for the damage, because the gear is not good, it will lead to tooth clearance and tooth gap is not within the specified range, which will cause the gear in a short time damage.

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