What equipment river pebbles require in the processing?

River gravel with non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, hard texture, etc., broken processing can be used in the road, construction and other fields, because the cost is low, available in many areas, by a lot of investors blitz, here Jiaozuo Zhongxin heavy industry recommend to you several common river pebble crusher.
Jaw crusher is a common crusher, used to break the river stone, it is also very suitable to produce the finished stone can be used as a supplier source. The equipment is the use of advanced domestic broken technology, with a more prominent structure and product features.
1, commonly used and the core components of the selection of domestic high-quality raw materials made to better stability of the quality of equipment to extend its life more than 3 times;
2, broken cavity type, moving jaw trajectory are reasonably optimized, so that the crushing stroke increased by more than 60%, to enhance the efficiency of crushing, to enhance production 1.5 times;
3, the motor seat with an integrated design program to reduce the installation space, saving 35% of the area, can reduce the infrastructure investment of nearly 30,000 yuan;
4, flexible operation, strong adaptability, even in harsh environments, but also to maintain efficient and stable operation, for customers to save about 40% -70% of the operating costs.
Cone crusher is a high technical pebble crusher, is the introduction of high-end technology in Germany, combined with the traditional characteristics of the design of the cone crusher, used for two pebbles, three broken links, the performance characteristics are different neglect.




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