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The price of the whole sand production line

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 How much is the entire investment in sand production line? It takes from several aspects to consider.
1, the requirements of production line is different, the price is also different. Each customer production requirements for the production line is not the same, so that the configuration of the device is different, the price will be different, if a large production is required, will feature large-scale crushers and sand making machine. Some customers in order to improve the purity of gravel, also requires the configuration of sand washing machine, the price of the entire production line is determined by the price of each device cumulative decision, so that different production line equipment configuration, the price is also different.
2, regional differences in the country, Shanghai and Henan is the main production base of sand equipment, but these two regions are selling equipment of different price, and Shanghai is China's window, high level of economic development, so the price level is high, the cost of equipment is also high, so the stone sand production line will be expensive, but for the high wages of Shanghai people, the price is reasonable; and as a major agricultural province of Henan, populous, not only the low price level, there are plenty of cheap labor and low production costs, the price of the production line is relatively cheap.
3, the purchase manufacturers are different, so the prices are different. The size of manufacturers are also have some effect on prices, small-scale manufacturers, not enough to have the ability to carry out its own production facilities, so * of the equipment is purchased from the outside, and small-scale manufacturers have to make a profit, so the purchase of equipment the price will naturally be high; and large-scale manufacturers are generally homegrown, intermediate dealer cost does not exist, you can in a more favorable price to sell to customers.

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