What equipment to choose for limestone crushing process

 The hardness and characteristics of rock is different, you should choose crusher according to the own characteristics of materials, while the hardness of limestone is low, processed primarily for firing lime and cement, which crusher machine to choose for crushing this material?
Jiaozuo Zhongxin recommended cone crusher, it is also possible to use another crusher, but the cone crusher has high efficiency, why the cone crusher has high efficiency.
1, high-quality, the device uses a laminated crushing principle, produce crushing effect between particles, gravel flakiness reduction, more uniform grain size.
2, high efficiency, for pulverized limestone processing capability, due to the fixed shaft, the shaft reciprocal small spherical structure optimization, 5% -15% higher than before the old equipment efficiency.
3, high yield, for limestone crushing, crushing cone crusher since the stroke, the perfect combination of speed and crushing chamber design crushing shaped, than in the past to improve the yield by 35% -60%.
So I recommend customers cone crusher, according to post-processing limestone used in industries that require comprehensive smash, and exactly in line with this characteristic cone crusher.




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