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What are the common wearness of basalt cone crusher?

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 The hardness of basalt is relative large, the crushing process for crusher wear is relative large, especially the traditional crusher, the use of new hydraulic cone crusher is much better, but there will be varying degrees of wear, some wear and tear can be avoided, here Zhongxin engineers introduce what can be avoided.
During operation, the material can also cause cone crusher bearing varying degrees of wear and tear. Bearings supporting the movement of the entire crusher, it is crucial components, so when you choice, be sure to pay attention to parts of the material, so as to enhance its service life. At the same time, we must also carry out periodic maintenance of the bearing.
During operation of the device, we must do the work of supervision, the main wearing parts must be good, regular periodic inspection and maintenance. Once cone crusher failure, it is necessary to resolve, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the cone crusher equipment.
The wearness of basalt cone crusher is normal, do not be too surprised by this user, and then we just do the appropriate prevention and appropriate rehabilitation work, we will be able to maintain the normal operation of crushing equipment, crusher is still used as we need.

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