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New jaw crusher machine-a multi-stage crushing machine

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 Traditional jaw crusher due to the structure and mechanism of single particle crushing chamber and other reasons can not meet the requirements of fine crushing, so jaw crusher is also known as coarse crusher, however, by comparing the aggregate finished with coins found, the crusher ratio and discharge fine, it is called jaw sand powder by users.
A new generation of jaw crusher by the addition of a crank and rocker mechanism and the stepped structure crushing chamber design, use the small-angle energizing principle, it will reduce the stress state into the lower portion of the movable jaw energizing effect, so that the successful implementation of "rough breaking" aircraft achieve "crushing" function, not only to achieve a single one-time direct and even sand milling, also omitted subsequent crusher or sand making machine, simplifying the production process, saving investment, land and energy, reducing power consumption improve production efficiency.
Since the jaw crusher equipment's simple structure, low manufacturing costs, many manufacturers are not keen on investment in research of jaw crusher, jaw crusher in the market showed a low-tech, backward mode of production, waste of energy and other issues.
This new generation of jaw crusher not only broke the "jaw crusher can not crushing" bias, to "rough break dry and deliberately," and can be a multi-stage crushing, so that the original multi-stage crushing process crushing, performed by stand-alone single-stage, directly to the bulk material crushed to the required size disposable product. Its role is equivalent to a conventional jaw crusher plus a cone crusher.
Jaw crusher in a new generation of energy-saving and reducing consumption while significantly reducing the cost of equipment, accessories, manual operation, equipment maintenance, etc., you can say the emergence of the sand and gravel industry rewrite jaw crusher "stupid, big, rough 'history become ore crushing equipment in the field of major technological revolution.

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