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How to ensure the cone crusher production of feed

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 Cone crusher production is large, the particle size is good, but due to face a variety of ore cone crusher, in which has different hardness, different sizes, different humidity, processing the ore feed required the characteristics of ore, or will affect the yield of crushers. How to feed in order to ensure maximum production efficiency crusher, Zhongxin Heavy engineers to propose the following.
Firstly, the crusher get maximum efficiency depends directly on the feed settings. If the feed evenly, and to match the throughput and the cone crusher feeder, to achieve material balance, so that the cone crusher will be able to achieve maximum efficiency. Through carefully comparison chart with basic dimensions cone crusher, feeder can be installed opposite beforehand to make certain arrangements. When servicing the crusher, the structure of feeder devices shall be easily removable.
Secondly, before put into the material, preferably provided on the front cone break a sieve or other filter means, in order to weed out the species to be crushed fines and viscous material, which can effectively alleviate the congestion and the port of discharge excessive compression spring, thereby avoid overloading crushing efficiency and reduction of cone crusher.
Finally, we should pay attention to feeding methods. Feeder must be allowed to go through a well-mixed material evenly distributed along the entire crushing chamber. To make sure fines and coarse material segregation kept to a minimum, the material into the crushing chamber speed and height of the drop to go through pre-calculated, through a rational and efficient manner in order to maximize liner wear life . Cone crusher feed requirements packed in such a way to cutting production rate, and fine and uniform particle size. And when the cone crusher parking is not allowed to feed.

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