Safe method of operation for large crusher

 Mining equipment operations are a certain degree of risk, large equipment is even more to pay attention, we'll tell you about the correct method of operation for large crusher in operation.
1, forbidden to put the material into machine which can not be broken to avoid damage to the large and efficient crusher.
2, when the large-scale crushers are in operation, the staff can not stand the force of inertia within the scope of the line, the installation of electrical switches should avoid this position.
3, when the machine is running, the door must not be opened within the observation aircraft inspection, the prohibited any adjustments, maintenance and other clean-up work, to avoid danger.
4, in the maintenance of the machine, first turn off the power.
5, in the operation of the machine, the machine is strictly prohibited overload work.
6, electrical equipment should be grounded, insulated wire should be reliable, and place in snakeskin tube.
7, the use of ratchet means closing the cover system, is prohibited in both directions after the movement was the existence of the box frame. At the end of turn, must be a good cushion pad in the lower part of the arm, and to ensure secure and reliable only after other work is absolutely safe.




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