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What might cause cone crusher oil leakage

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 Cone Crusher now has become the new darling of many mineral processing industry, with high yield and efficiency characteristics, but if you didn't pay attention to the daily operation, there will be some problems, so routine maintenance is very important. Oil spills, oil is relatively unusual rejection of a problem, the following Zhongxin briefly introduce the cause of the problem and the solution for you.
Zhongxin technical engineers think the reason it happens is that cone crusher hydraulic oil lubrication system too high, or more lubricating oil supplied, in part, lubricating oil return passage because of insufficient flow directly into the dust water, another case is because runaway phenomenon caused by the spindle lubricating oil and dust fall into the water.
Cone crusher dumped oil may be due to excessive cone crusher spindle into the spindle bush, * to improper running clearance, due to greater friction on the shaft; perhaps because the load is too small cone crusher, cone crusher increase feeding, under load, bowl-shaped tile outer edge contact; under light load, including a bowl-shaped tile edges. Scraping bowl or tile replacement, at the same time, the spherical body may also need to re-processing.
Understanding why this happens, we can solve this problem the corresponding cone crusher routine maintenance is very important, so that it can ensure that your device routine efficient production and extend the life of the equipment.

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