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How to deal with the serious wearness of impact crusher blow bars?

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When impact crusher is in crushing process, mainly rely on blow bars, so the blow bars wearness is relatively serious, it will seriously affect the work efficiency counterattack crusher, Zhongxin technical engineers will provide you a brief introduction of the reason for wearness and treatment.
cause of the issue:
   1, the blow bars material inappropriate choice. Blow bar mainly use high manganese steel materials, the characteristics of high manganese steel is of good toughness, high strength, technology is good, there is a certain hardness, in contact with a large impact or stress, high manganese steel surface layer will rapidly produce severe hardening, ly improve the surface hardness and wear resistance. However, the actual use of the impact force or contact stress often enough, it can not quickly produce surface hardening, wear resistance can not be fully realized.
   2, the blow bar structure inappropriate choice. Many blow bar structure form, face a generous two narrow and thin, the effective amount of wear generous; the * single and double work with single-sided and double-sided work, only a single head wear surface, double with two wear surfaces, and there are four double-sided wear surface. Under the same material conditions effective to wear large, multi-plate hammer wear face natural and long service life.
   1, in order to improve the life of blow bars, it should choose some good material, such as high chromium cast iron and carbon steel. High chromium cast iron is an anti-wear properties of materials, wear high manganese steel is strong, the disadvantage is lower toughness. Prone to brittle fracture at the impact of big occasions, in order to improve strength and reduce the cost of board hammer, hammer in high manganese steel surfacing layer of high chromium cast iron to achieve the purpose wear.
   2, in terms of the structure of the blow bar, under the allowness of process conditions, select double-sided work of the blow bar structure, it can ly improve the life of it.

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