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What is going on when the vibrating feeder does not load?

Time: 2023-11-13 10:41:23

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Vibrating feeders have the characteristics of continuous feeding, automatic control, and convenient adjustment, and are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries. However, in actual use, the problem of vibrating feeder not loading material may be encountered from time to time. So what is the reason why the vibrating feeder does not load?
Vibrating feeders
Vibrating feeders

  1.Material properties

 The properties of the material have a great influence on the feeding effect of the vibrating feeder. If the material humidity is too high, the viscosity is too strong, or the particles are too large, it may cause the material to accumulate during the feeding process, thus affecting the feeding effect. In addition, impurities in the materials will also affect the normal operation of the vibrating feeder. If hard objects such as iron blocks and stones enter the feeder, they may damage the parts of the feeder and cause the equipment to fail to work properly.

  2. Vibration motor failure

The vibrating feeder needs to be driven by a motor to work. After using it for a period of time, the vibrating motor may become abnormal, causing the motor's driving force to decrease, the vibration force to decrease, and the material to be vibrated unable to be pushed, resulting in the problem of no feeding.

 3. Improper installation of vibrating feeder

  The installation position and angle of the vibrating feeder have a great influence on its feeding effect. If the installation position is inappropriate, the material may not enter the feeder smoothly; if the installation angle is incorrect, the material may accumulate during the feeding process. In addition, if the perpendicularity of the feeder to the horizontal plane is not ensured during installation, the material may not be conveyed normally.

  4. Amplitude and frequency mismatch

 The interaction between amplitude, frequency and material is an important factor in the operation of the vibrating feeder. If the vibration frequency, amplitude, or both do not match, the vibrating feeder will not be able to push materials, and continuous feeding will not be possible.

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