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Reason Analysis of Jaw Crusher Frame Cracking

Time: 2023-07-07 13:34:13

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1. The quality problem of the equipment itself caused by the casting technology or welding in the production of the jaw crusher is not in place.

2. The selection of brackets and bracket pads is unqualified, and they cannot withstand huge impact forces. When impacted, they cannot play the role of buffering and self-protection, but the frame is damaged or broken.

jaw crusher
jaw crusher

3. The fixed jaw plate is not fixed enough during installation, and it will loosen in the vibration generated by the long-term work of the jaw crusher, which will hit the front wall tooth plate of the frame, causing damage to the frame.

4. The rigidity of the base of the main machine of the equipment is poor and not fixed, causing the rack to jump.

5. The bolts of the rack bearings are not tightened during installation and appear to be loose.

6. The tooth shape is not repaired in time after wear.

7. Due to the damage of the eccentric shaft and pin or the looseness of the expansion sleeve, the direction of the counterweight of the flywheel is misaligned.

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