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What is the effect of high temperature on stone crusher

Time: 2023-06-27 10:56:45

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In hot weather, not only people need sun protection, but also machinery and equipment. The stone crusher is a kind of mining machinery equipment. Since the stone crusher must work outdoors, and the workload is huge, in high temperature weather, the equipment is prone to failure if the temperature is too high. Therefore, users should do a good job of sun protection for stone crushers, otherwise it will not only affect production, but also cause safety accidents.

stone crusher
stone crusher

1. In a high-temperature environment, the temperature of the stone crusher itself will rise, which is prone to unpredictable abnormal situations, such as sudden shutdown, sudden breakage of the main shaft and other failures;

2. Because of the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, high temperature will cause the parts of the stone crusher to expand, resulting in more friction and deviation at the joints of the parts, which will not only affect the production progress, but also further increase the temperature;

3. The high temperature environment will increase the oil temperature of the lubricating oil of the stone crusher, the oiliness and viscosity will decrease, and the local oil film will be destroyed, the lubrication effect between parts and the bearing capacity will be reduced, and what's more, the lubricating oil will be carbonized and burnt.

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