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How to solve the abnormal vibration of compound cone crusher

Time: 2023-06-13 10:02:30

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It is normal for the compound cone crusher to vibrate slightly during operation, but if the vibration is severe, it will affect its operation. Problems such as low production efficiency, poor discharge particle shape, and motor burnout will follow one after another, so everyone must use it when using it. Follow operating instructions. In addition, we must also pay attention to the selection of equipment manufacturers. Choosing a regular crusher manufacturer is the key condition to ensure the quality of equipment.
compound cone crusher

1. Do not let large ore and non-crushing materials enter the crushing cavity. Although there is a good steel protection system inside, the intrusion of these non-broken materials will not only affect the quality of the output, but also increase the working load of the equipment, which will easily cause damage to the accessories and generate noise. .

2. The staff should regularly overhaul and maintain the compound cone crusher. Usually, if some small accessories are slightly damaged, it is not easy for us to find out. Sometimes there may be a slight vibration and it is not easy for us to find out, but it will be too late when we find out, so users should strengthen the maintenance and repair of the equipment, especially It is the repair and maintenance of moving cone and eccentric sleeve parts.

3. It is also very important to take appropriate anti-seismic foundation. Anti-seismic measures are also very necessary. When the equipment has to be placed on the floor, it is necessary to carry out foundation design, take vibration isolation measures and check the possibility of its resonance. This is to avoid vibrations.

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