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How to increase the output of sand making machine

Time: 2023-06-09 13:13:19

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1. If the raw materials are sufficient, the silo can be used to send the raw materials evenly and quantitatively into the sand making machine. If necessary, a vibrating feeder can be added, and the sand making machine can crush the required processing materials to below 3-5mm.
sand making machine
sand making machine

2. If the raw material contains a large amount of soil, most of the soil impurities can be screened and discharged through the vibrating feeder before the raw material enters the sand making machine, thereby greatly improving the cleanliness of the finished machine-made sand processed by the sand making machine and avoiding subsequent customers Concerns about finished sand quality.

3. If you want to further improve the cleanliness of the machine-made sand, you can increase the sand washing process. The sand washing machine can thoroughly clean the soil in the sand and gravel to meet the requirements of large-scale infrastructure projects for sand and gravel raw materials.

Regular inspection of sand making machine: After a period of tasks in the sand and gravel production line, various machinery need to be inspected regularly. Some small mechanical problems were not found at that time, but they actually affect the sand making rate of sand making. Regular inspections can detect these failures in time. If the machine is not checked for a long time, when the faults accumulate to a certain extent, it will have an irreparable impact on the quality and output of the sand making machine.

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