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How to choose a suitable jaw crusher?

Time: 2023-05-31 14:17:58

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For a stone factory, it is necessary to use large-scale jaw crusher equipment with different outputs and functions to configure the production line to meet the production requirements. So how to choose a suitable jaw crusher equipment?
 jaw crusher

1, look at the characteristics of the stone

The hardness, mud content and water content of the stone are all important data. In addition, the primary crushing equipment should be selected according to the particle size of the stone. If the input material is small, it can directly enter the secondary crushing equipment.

If the hardness of the crushed stone is too large, such as granite, basalt, pebbles and other stones, jaw crushers and cone crushers can be used for crushing; for stones with lower hardness, such as limestone, impact crushers can be used for secondary crushing. The wear of wearing parts such as tooth plates is small, which not only saves production costs, but also improves production efficiency.

2. Requirements for product quality

The customer's requirements for the particle size and stone shape of the finished product also determine what kind of crushing equipment should be selected. If the crushed finished stones require different sizes, screening equipment should be configured for screening.

3. Look at the use of the finished product

The requirements for sand and gravel aggregates in the construction of various roads, water conservancy, infrastructure, bridges, etc. are also different. It is necessary to arrange the stone production equipment reasonably according to the configuration of the user's finished stone. For some projects with relatively high requirements for stone materials, if there are cracks and sharp-edged stone materials during construction and use, the risk of project collapse will increase.

How to choose a crushing equipment manufacturer?

Users should fully consider the above two points when choosing equipment, and find a suitable manufacturer based on their own requirements.

1. It depends on the strength and scale of the manufacturer

Jaw crushers are heavy machinery, the strength of the manufacturer is the premise of product quality, and choosing a manufacturer with a good reputation and a certain scale is also convenient for the later service of the product and provides long-term guarantee for the product.

2. It depends on the quality of the crusher product

Large jaw crushers are widely used in many industries, and the crushing objects are all materials with relatively high hardness. Whether the products have a high service life is a concern of customers, so careful inspection is required.

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