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It is very important to feed the multi-cylinder cone crusher correctly

Time: 2023-04-27 10:13:49

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As a secondary crushing multi-cylinder cone crusher, sometimes even if it is at full capacity, it still feels that the production capacity is not high enough? Then you need to see if the feeding is done well. So how to feed the multi-cylinder cone crusher correctly?
multi-cylinder cone crusher

Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

1. Try to continue to run at full capacity
If your multi-cylinder cone crusher is sometimes "hungry" and sometimes "full" due to unstable feeding, then its product grain shape, product rate, etc. will also fluctuate. The cone crusher with half-cavity operation is not very satisfactory in terms of gradation and needle flakes. The user should try to ensure that the multi-cylinder cone crusher runs with full cavity to obtain better throughput and grain shape.

2. Do not feed too little
Although it is said that only a small amount of material will not reduce the burden of the multi-cylinder cone crusher, too little material will not only damage the product output and poor grain shape, but also have an adverse effect on the bearing of the cone crusher.

3. The feeding point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher feeding port
When feeding, use a vertical deflector to guide the feed point to the center of the feed port of the multi-cylinder cone crusher. Otherwise, once the falling point is eccentric, one side of the crushing cavity will be full of material and the other side will have no material or less material, which will cause adverse effects such as lower throughput of the crusher, more needle-shaped products, and large product particle size.

4. Ensure uniform feeding
It is necessary to ensure uniform feeding and avoid the situation where large-sized stones are concentrated on one side and small-sized stones are concentrated on the other side. Otherwise, once the material is fed unevenly, it is easy to cause material blockage, and it will affect the service life of the adjusting ring.

5. The feeding height should not be too large
For multi-cylinder cone crushers, the height of materials falling from the feeding equipment to the feeding port should not be too high. If the feeding height is too high, the stone will easily "rush" into the crushing cavity at high speed, causing impact load on the crusher, and the crushing force or power will exceed the design upper limit.

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