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Cone crusher hydraulic system routine maintenance precautions

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Cone crusher hydraulic system is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of equipment, but also can adjust the size of the discharge port. If the feed into the iron and other non-crushing material, the hydraulic system will promote the dynamic vertebra automatically retreat, the discharge port larger discharge unworkable block, determine the discharge will automatically reset. Hydraulic cone crusher hydraulic system is now more advanced processing technology, the normal operation of equipment and life plays a very big role.
Cone crusher hydraulic system
How do we usually need the proper maintenance of the cone crusher hydraulic system?
1, to ensure the internal cone crusher clean, ore processing more dust, so in the course of the dust removal should pay attention to, but also to prevent water into the hydraulic oil.
2, replace the hydraulic oil, it should be noted that when adding hydraulic oil must use the filter, but also to ensure that the filter clean. Come on properly, you need to follow the provisions of the oil level range.
3, to ensure the cleaning of the hydraulic system, usually we advise customers to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning, do not recommend the use of other oil may cause damage to the cone crusher.
4, pay attention to the hydraulic oil replacement time, it is recommended that the cone crusher just shut down shortly after replacement, so that the oil will have precipitated clean, and then injected new hydraulic oil.

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