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What to do with low cone crusher production?

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Crusher is the * common machine of gravel material production line, crusher in accordance with the performance is divided into several categories, there are rough, broken, etc., common rough crusher is jaw crusher, and in the crushing of a cone crusher, impact crusher, etc., the daily choice is usually based on the feed, discharge and yield to choose crusher, crusher production affect the production efficiency.
Cone crusher is used to break a variety of stones, and its raw material composition, the nature of the equipment, the degree of impact on the crusher is not the same, the hardness of the stone on the cone crusher wear to some larger, the wear on the cone Crusher is a fatal injury, is unable to restore the character, only the replacement parts, in addition to the material humidity and its fine powder will be on the cone crusher capacity to have a great impact. Although the cone crusher on this area has a very good response but its impact is inevitable, the user in the procurement of cone crusher is to use large manufacturers of broken equipment, reduce mechanical damage.
In addition, because the gravel field on the size of the finished product has a different size requirements, the same crusher equipment to produce a smaller particle size of the stone powder will need to break a longer time, which also increased the wear of the crusher, plus Large cone crusher production line is open-air operations, long time in the rain, sun, too high or too low temperature work on the machine are very large, and some rain will be on the cone crusher machine itself has corrosive, Parts damage cycle shorter, love the cone crusher, let it have a good working environment is to increase the life of the key.

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