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How to reduce the wear of cone crusher

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Cone crusher is an effective crusher on the market, cone crusher are *ly used in the hard rock broken production line, the wear is relatively fast, how to reduce the daily wear and tear equipment, operation is the need to pay attention to what? Jiaozuo Zhongxin technical engineers to explain to you.
The * is to reduce the damage to the cone crusher parts. When the broken cavity over iron serious, stuck in the crushing chamber can not be discharged, it will cause the cone crusher to s* running. The traditional method is to clean up the crushing chamber of the ore, with gas cutting method will be cut into small pieces of card iron. However, this process is longer, the cost of materials is also great, on the other hand, due to the small operating space, operational difficulties and insecurity more. Therefore, the hydraulic cone crusher to this problem has been improved, when there are impurities in the crusher, the hydraulic system will automatically release the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cone to fall, and then give the hydraulic cylinder oil to raise the cone, through this Method to move the cone up and down, you can discharge impurities in the crushing chamber. This method does not require auxiliary tools, do not need manual operation, simple and convenient to handle, reduce the time spent.
The other is to improve the force of the components of the cone crusher. The vertical component force in the production of the cone crusher is mainly supported by the beam by the suspension device. Therefore, during the actual use, the cross beam of the crusher will crack, repair is difficult and the repair effect is not good, the use time is short. The hydraulic cone crusher in the lower part of the base installed a set of hydraulic devices, hydraulic cylinder plunger with a friction plate to support the movable cone spindle. Therefore, the weight of the movable cone and the vertical component of the broken ore are all borne by the hydraulic cylinder, which greatly improves the stress of the beam and prolongs the service life of the beam.
Finally, improve the quality of the cone crusher parts. The traditional design of the key components of the traditional cone is not mature. With the cone crusher to large-scale, intelligent direction, the development of hydraulic cone crusher at home and abroad advanced crushing ideas and technology, in the manufacture of parts to improve the process design and manufacturing quality. In addition, in the production should also pay attention to the maintenance of parts maintenance work to reduce the damage to components.

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