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It is imperative to regulate the safe operation of the cone crusher

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For any enterprise, safety is the *, the mining industry are using large machinery and equipment, safety is the * important, for cone crusher, the safe operation is necessary.
Before the start of the staff should wear a uniform, with a good glove helmet and masks and other protective equipment. Then check if the screws are loose and there is an obstruction around the motor. Is there any other debris in the cone crusher. Correct the belt and tighten all the screws. Check the discharge port to see if the gap is reasonable. Finally check the power supply is normal, to ensure that the protection system intact.
In the operation of the cone crusher, the * oil temperature heated to the appropriate temperature and then start the pump motor about five to ten minutes, check the lubrication system of the total situation, if the tubing return to normal and high quality meet the requirements to start the main motor. In the cone crusher empty load operation 1-2 minutes before the mine, in the mine to pay attention not to let the water is high, with mud and more ore block to the mine mouth. Always check the equipment pipe is good, often listen to the cone crusher gear rotation sound is normal and the motor sound is normal.
In the parking, you should * s* the mine and other materials in the cavity after all the exclusion to s* the motor, the pump motor to the last s*. After the parking carefully check the various parts of the cone broken or damaged parts or if the problem in a timely manner.

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