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What are the factors that affect the lubrication of the cone crusher?

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Lubrication is an important maintenance step for the cone crusher. Good lubrication protects the equipment and extends the service life of the cone crusher. Everyday, when we use the equipment, there will be a bad lubrication. What factors will cause this phenomenon? 
Firstly, the temperature changes. The lubricating oil of the conical crusher varies with the temperature. If the temperature is too low, the oil will become thicker, the temperature is easy to become thinner. So in high temperature weather should pay attention to the viscosity of lubricating oil, high temperature weather for high concentrations of lubricants, the weather is cold need to sticky dilute lubricants.
Secondly, the speed level. Cone crushing equipment, the faster the rotation, the more difficult between the rollers into the lubricating oil, which will cause poor lubrication, while high-speed operation of the oil is easy to agglomerate thicker. Therefore, the need to use low viscosity lubricants, low-speed need high viscosity lubricants.
Thirdly, the impact load. The engine of the cone crusher produces rhythmic power. At this point the equipment requires heavy lubricants containing extruded additives to prevent oil film rupture caused by friction.
Fourthly, the load size. Cone crushers use high viscosity lubricants to prevent collisional friction between device components than low viscosity lubricants. If the load of the conical equipment is low, it is necessary to use low viscosity lubricating oil. High load requires high viscosity lubricating oil.

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